Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Fossil!

We get a lot repeat questions at the bakery....."Is everything really made from scratch??", "How early do the bakers have to get up??", "How do you not way 300lbs??", "What's it like living on an island??", "How many people live on the island??"......But, the number one question we get asked is......."Isn't it time for a new cash register??"!
I've been working at the bakery, on and off, for 20 years!! I started when I was 14! And, the first thing I thought when I saw the register was"I hope that fossil can still add and subtract!". My Uncle Jan owns Islandale on the south end of the island and I fondly remember as a little girl playing with the cash register that is the twin to the one we have in the bakery. It always reminded me of the Mercantile store in Little House on The Prairie. The heavy and robust size of it...the distinctive noise it made when you pushed the buttons and the cash drawer would fly open! So every time I see "the fossil" I smile with long ago memories of a little girl playing store.
I'm fairly certain Holly will never get a new register. Its to much a part of the bakery and its history. It's still so fun when people visit the bakery for the first time in 20 years and they see the register still there! Their faces light up and happiness fills the bakery!!!......Not to bad for a fossil!

May Day~~

It was a pretty quiet May Day in the Bakery! The weather was beautiful...everyone working their gardens I'm sure! Still, many locals came out to see us and eat yummy baked goods prepared with lots of love by our AWESOME bakers! We hope everyone is enjoying these first days spring!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Family affair...

Back together again! Holly, Andre, Ty, Rom, Galen and Cheryl! Its always so much fun to have the bakery bursting at the seams with family and fun! We make sure we bake extra everything when the boys come to visit!
Robert, who owns Caffe La Boheme, stopped by for a visit.....Thank goodness for Robert!
Another successful week at the bakery!

This Is How I Feed My Soul!

People always ask us....."do you sample everything?".......Yes we do! We "accidentally" break things. We lick the bowl. We lick the paddle. We lick the spatula. We call it "Quality Control".......somebody has to do it!!

Tour de Lopez~

Tour de Lopez was this past weekend! Our Awesome bakers, Liz, Michelle, Ben & Jamie made 1000 Shortbread and 1000 Katherine Hepburn Brownies for the cyclists to enjoy after their ride! Holly was in charge of cutting all the bars and squares,,,,it took over 3 hours! Diana, Kira and Sarah M. manned the front helping all the hungry customers!

We're back...........

Hi Everyone~~
This year we're trying something new! We decided to start blogging about the Bakery! People are interested in how Holly B's works and the daily ebb and flow of bakery life. It should be fun!
Last week we had our first taste of the summer madness that's headed our way! The Tour de Lopez was on Saturday. Spandex as far as the eye could see......and beyond that! The cyclist were so nice and it was great having them on the island. The bakery was hopping! We are so thankful the people came to share the weekend with us. Lots of baked goods were consumed and I'm sure everyone left happy with full belly's!
Here's to another great year!